Our Mission

Mission Statement

“The purpose of The Dark Empire is to promote multi-generational fandom and appreciation of STAR WARS through acts of charity, and to encourage creative costuming as custom or canon characters representing the “dark side”, and “soldiers of fortune” including smugglers, pirates and bounty hunters (non-mandalorian) of the Star Wars universe.”

So, what does that statement mean? There are really as many answers to that as there are members of The Dark Empire. We all join for our own reasons, but you will find most of us agree that we do it for others. Walking into a room at a hospital and seeing the smile that crosses those peoples faces (both adults and children) makes all the time, hard work, and effort more than worth it. For some it is about sharing their passion for a universe that strongly connected to them in their youth, and sharing that vision with others. No matter the reasons given by each of our members, we are all here to give back.