Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does TDE take canon characters while other groups like the 501st already have them?

The Dark Empire mainly focuses on the dark side of the force. We accept those types of characters. We understand that the 501st has a great number of awesome costumes, especially those that are Canon and EU Canon. We want members to join other groups if they choose. We will always be a custom Sith group, but we are honored to have members who have canon characters as well.

2. If we are a true custom group then why do we have standards for our custom costumes?

We in TDE appreciate the uniqueness and imagination of our members. However, due to specific guidelines handed down to us from Lucasfilm, we feel that all members must at least look like they fit within the Star Wars Universe.

3. Do you work with other costuming groups?

Yes, we work with members of the 501st, Rebel Legion, Jedi Assembly, Saber Guild and our sister group the Mandalorian Mercs at conventions and charitable events. Refer to our Policy of Mutual Fan Group Support in Article III, Section 8 of the TDE Charter.

4. Do we get paid for showing up at events?

No, we are a volunteer organization. However, we are paid through the smiles of children and adults at these events. Instead of financial payment, we encourage donations to reputable charity organizations.

5. Do we work with Lucasfilm and/or Disney?

We do have members who work in one way or fashion with Disney as employees in their everyday job. However, we do not work for LFL or Disney Corporation. LFL does recognize TDE as a volunteer costume club operated solely by its members.

6. Do you have to be a citizen of the United States to join?

No, we have members nationally and internationally within our group. So far this includes Europe, Asia, Australia, Central/North/South America.

7. Do we take children?

Unfortunately, we do not accept full members under 18. To become an official member you must be 18 years of age. However, any member that has a child under the age of 18 can allow that child to be their “apprentice” until they turn 18. In addition, anyone 13 years or older can join our forums.

8. Do we sell costumes?

Some of our members sell their costumes after they receive new ones. However, we do not sell costumes. We ask you to find a seamstress or a costume designer to help make your costume. You can also ask any of our official members for advice. We have sections on our forums for costuming help and resources.
If you are interested in making a costume of your own, we ask you to join our forums and create a “Work In Progress” This will help us assist you with anything costume related.

9. How is leadership handled in the club?

We currently have a Council, Temple Masters and Spire Leaders. The Council, which is composed of 5 members, oversees the majority of what goes on in the club. They are the ones who make decisions and look out for the best of our club. The next level down are our Temple Leaders (Jen’ari). They are basically the voice of the council to certain regions. They relay all information from the council to their members. They are also in charge of setting up local trooping events, and reporting all information happening in their areas to the council. Spire leaders(Sedriss) are the same as Temple leaders, except they are leaders for a specific area. Spires are groups within certain temples to where they have a majority of active members. These leaders have the same responsibilities as a Temple Leader, but they must report to the temple leader as well as the council.

10. Is TDE a role playing group?

No, however we use the Sith language for the titles of our club officers and various locations on our website and club property.