CUSTOM HUNTER – Replaced 5/10/2024


Hunters are more heavily armored and armed than typical denizens of the Star Wars  universe. When a Hunter walks in you should be able to tell immediately what they are. 

We DO NOT allow Canon or Custom Mandalorians or Mandalorian armour. 


Must reference one Canon or Legends Hunter character in construction and  build. All costumes and applications are judged on a case-by-case basis. Deviations from  the above CRL can and will be accepted when medical conditions require it.



  • Hunters traditionally use whatever high-quality items and armour they can buy or scavenge from targets. As such their armour design is often a mixture of different sets of  armour. 
  • Armour coverage can vary greatly from minimum of chest to full body coverage. 
  • No more than 4 pieces of armour may be “borrowed from canon/legends. (i.e.  Stormtrooper shoulders, Snow Trooper chest armour, etc. 
  • Full canon/legends armour sets with custom paint styles are not accepted unless modified/customized. A simple repainted red and blue Stormtrooper kit will not qualify as a custom Hunter but a modified one could be considered. i.e. Femtrooper armour while not canon with modifications and equipment additions could be considered. 

Head Covering

  • Head and face may be covered at least in part by: Helmet, Head wrap, Mask, Pilot cap.
    • If canon/legends helmet or mask is used, modification/customization to emphasize  repurposing must be done. 

Base Clothing

  • May vary greatly. Flight suits, jumpsuits, 2 piece outfits (shirt & pants), in-universe  military gear, and more can be accepted.  
  • Reference photos for base clothing may be required.  
  • Flight suits should have back pockets removed.
    • Zippers removed, hidden, or minimized. 
  • If using 2 piece outfit:
    • Base shirt should be of simple design.  
    • Sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve are accepted. 
    • No buttons allowed. 
    • Hidden snaps strongly recommended.  
    • No T-shirts or real-world logos.  
    • Pants should be simple design.  
    • No Jeans.  
    • Modern military style are permitted but must be solid colour and exposed rear  pockets should be removed or hidden.  
    • No buttons/buttonholes on rear. 
  • Soft goods should be tailored and not overly baggy.


  • Belt must be constructed from leather or leather-like material or tactical webbing,  nylon, etc.
    • If tactical webbing is used, it must be modified to appear in-universe.
  • Must have holster if pistol is used.
    • Tactical holsters must be modified to appear in-universe. 

Integrated Weaponry (Minimum of 2)

  • Dart Launcher
  • Flame Thrower
  • Hidden Blade (wrist, boot, knee, etc.)
  • Wrist or back rocket
  • Grappling hook/tether
  • Stun Device
  • Poison/Toxin injector
  • Carbonite ejector
  • Claws (if character is alien species) 

Weaponry (Minimum of 2)

  • Blaster Carbine
  • Blaster Rifle
  • Blaster Pistol (2 pistols will meet the requirement)
  • Hold out Blaster
  • Grenades
  • Thermal Detonators
  • Vibro-Knife
  • Vibro-Sword
  • Throwing knives. 
  • Blasters and other gear will need to pass the overall weapons and props guidelines. 
  • Nerf weapons must be highly modified to no longer resemble the base weapon, and must be non-functional.

Accessories (Minimum of 3)

  • Enhanced targeting system (rangefinder, macro-binoculars, etc.)
  • Datapad
  • Jetpack  (Jump-pack, jump-boots) Hunt Trophies (ex. Wookiee braids, claws/bones, rank badges, damaged lightsaber, etc.)
  • Computer/Droid slicing tool
  • Communication Device
  • Hoses  connecting armour to head covering
  • Reinforced (double layered) armour plating
  • Helmet  mounted spot lamp


  • Costume weathering must be consistent throughout.
    • Can range from slightly dirty, to very weathered (so long as can be explained). 

Additional Options:

Mix and Match Costume Design

  • Hunters rarely have matching sets of armour, most often their costume is  a montage of different armour and weapons gathered over the years. 


  • May be constructed from leather, leather-like material, or canvas type material. Should have 1 or more Accessories attached and/or holster for secondary weapon. May be placed over or under jacket/vest. 
  • Belt and/or Bandolier must have a minimum of two pouches or ammunition cartridges.

Environmental Additions

  • Hunters track targets through a slew of different environments across  various worlds. As such they often change their armour configuration to best suit  the needs of the hunt. 

Battle Damage

  • Even the best take a hit here and there. Damage a costume and armour with  tears, dents, scratches, scrapes, dirt, grime, and carbon scoring.

Alien Physiology

  • Masks or prosthetics resembling canon/legends species may be used.
  • Body paint may be used.  
  • All alien additions must be of high quality and appearance.
  • Droid Hunters will have to follow, within reason, the build of the droid chassis  they are using. For example 4-LOM types MAY have an altered limb, but and IG-88  styles build will be impossible on a human form. This may be outlined in a droid guide as yet to be published by The Dark Empire.