Weapons Policy

Costume Reference Library for Weapons Policy

All “projectile weapons” including, but not limited to blasters, lasers, needlers, slug throwers, and rocket launchers must be inert at all times of use. That is to say that they cannot launch their projectiles, no matter how “harmless” they are. EVENT WEAPON POLICY AND LOCAL REGIONAL LAWS SUPERSEDE OUR WEAPONS RULES AT EVERY EVENT. Be aware of the weapon policies of all events you attend and laws related in the regions you live in or travel to.


(i.e. Blasters etc)

A: NO CAPABLE/OPERATIONAL FIREARMS can be used as your prop weapon. Any INERT weapons must have their barrels filled and be stripped of parts as to make them incapable of being returned to a serviceable firearm.

B: All projectile weapons must me modified from their mundane appearances to match the accepted Star Wars look and feel. Many such weapons exist for example Broomhandle Mauser becoming the DL-44. If you use a toy/replica or such weapon you must do the required modifications to make it appear “SWarzy”.

C: Airsoft guns, while acceptable, MUST have no air/battery, or ammunition carried on your person at the event. This is not to say you must break it, just that is must not be possible for you to arm and discharge it at any event.

D: Plastic toy guns MUST be painted and weathered or modified to no longer look like a toy. If they are a dedicated Star Wars toy they may be recognizable, but if they are a “custom gun” it must not be easy to see what toy it was before you modified it for use in your costume.

1: All mundane markings must be removed. This includes any lettering embossed on the weapon. All screw holes are to be filled.


A: LIVE STEEL BLADES are not allowed as part of your official costume. Any such metal or cutting blade is to be rendered useless by permanent encasement in it’s scabbard. Bladed weapons at non TDE events for the purposes of photo shoots is allowed as it is not an official TDE event, thus we have no liability therein.

B: Wooden and foam “simulated” weapons are allowed to be drawn at events. We have a no fighting policy as a club so this is for the purposes of pictures. Weapons may be required to be secured in their sheathes as per event guidelines.

C: Lightsabers will be covered here in their uses only. They are to be treated as #2 above, additionally due to the nature of some LED projection style hilts we ask that you please get a kill key or a blade plug as to keep people from the worry they have of the LED light damaging their eyes.

1: CLAWED LIGHTSABERS While we do NOT discourage clawed lightsabers, they are to be treated with greater care as to the size of their claws. We recommend that if you suspect your claws may be viewed as a weapon that your blade be kept in, as otherwise some con staff will find them to be too much like axes and ask you to not bring them in.

All weapons are subject to review of the quality and fit with the overall costume as well as on a individual basis.

IF you feel your weapon has met these requirements, Check out our Application Tutorial…
Application Tutorial