Pirates scavenge everything. Their look should like they have added to it over the years. They  also typically look very rough and tough. 

Maximum of 2 “borrowed” pieces of armor/costume.  

Base Shirt  

Base shirt should be of simple design.  

Sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve are accepted.  

• No buttons allowed  

• No T-shirts or real-world logos. 

Vest, Jacket, or Long Coat if worn by reference 

Should be made from leather or leather like material OR canvas-like fabric.  Zippers should be of low profile design or removed to minimize visibility.  No Buttons/button holes.  

Clasps or snaps if necessary.  

▪ If snaps are used, they must be the same color as surrounding fabric or hidden. 


Simple design. 

No Jeans.  

Modern military style are permitted but must be solid color and exposed rear pockets  should be removed or hidden. 

No buttons/button holes on rear.  

Flight Suit option 

Flight suits as an option should have back pockets removed.  

Zippers removed, hidden, or minimalized.  


Leather or leather like material. 

No exposed laces, buttons, or zippers (inner leg zipper accepted).  

Riding spats and or enclosed shin armor accepted in lieu of full boot. 

Gun Belt/ Belt or Waist Sash 

May be either waist or low-slung belt, if low slung belt is used, a secondary waist belt or  sash must be also used.  

Must be constructed of leather or leather-like material.  

Must have a “SWarsy” buckle on front or replicate belt worn by reference.  Waist sash must look like similar material to the reference.  

Holster (Required if sidearm is carried)  

May be waist or thigh mounted from belt.  

Should be made of rigid material. 

▪ Plastic, leather or leather-like are acceptable.  

▪ Tactical holsters are no accepted. 

May enclose primary weapon (Traditional) or hold weapon magnetically (TOR)  


Primary weapon can be a sidearm, rifle, or melee weapon (Gaffee Stick, vibro axe,  vibroblade, vibrosword.  

• No lightsaber/darksaber. 

• Melee weapons may not have an edge. 

Must resemble Canon/Legends blaster  

• Nerf guns must be highly modified and no longer resemble the base weapon. • Base weapon must be modified to fit with “SWarsy” aesthetic.  

Sidearms must fit in holster. 

Accessories (Minimum 2) 

Communication Device, Datapad, Pouch with credits, Grenade / Detonator, Customized  pendant or rank badge (stolen), Primary Weapon ammunition, Secondary Weapon  ammunition (only applies if secondary weapon is present), Trophies gathered along your journeys, Reconnaissance styled droid for spying.  


Costume weathering must be consistent throughout. 

Typically, pirates are very dirty and would be heavily weathered.  

A pirate captain on the other hand could be pristine to very weathered. 


Secondary weapon 

May be blaster pistol, hand-cannon, scattergun, shotgun, or blaster carbine.  

If secondary weapon is one-handed, an appropriate holster is required.  

• May be attached to existing gun belt, bandoleer, or around ankle. 

Additional Melee weapon 

Maybe be simple knife in design (no edge), a vibro-weapon, sword (no lightsabers, no edge), or  Gaffee Stick. 


• May be constructed from leather, leather-like material, or canvas type material.  • Should have 1 or more accessories attached and/or holster for secondary weapon.  • May be placed over or under jacket/vest. 

Head Wrap/Bandana, Hat or Helmet 

Head wrap or Bandana is allowed as long as it simple one color.  

Wide brim hats like ones Cade Bane has worn accepted.  

• No traditional Cowboy hats will be accepted.  

• Should have customizations such as antennas, armor plating, or gadgets  attached or possibly flamboyant.  


• If canon/legends helmet is used, modification/customization to emphasize  repurposing must be done. 

Goggles or vision enhancement devices 

May be worn, attached to optional hat or helmet, or slung around neck.  • No swimming goggles.  

• Sports goggles should be modified beyond immediate recognition. 


No real-world logos should be visible. 

Comm pad may be installed on cuff.  

Armor hand plate may be attached. 

Minimal armor additions 

Armor coverage should not exceed 3 of the following regions: (shoulders, arms,  forearms, chest, abdomen, back, groin, thighs, knees, shins) 

Alien Physiology 

• Masks or prosthetics resembling canon/legends species may be used. • Body paint may be used. 

• All alien additions must be of high quality and appearance.  



Must reference one Canon or Legends Smuggler character in construction and build. All  costumes and applications are judged on a case-by-case basis. Deviations from the above  CRL can and will be accepted when medical conditions require it or when the applicant can  provide LFL-approved artwork that shows proof of their concept.