• The hat is a Spanish bolero style cowboy hat in dark brown Crown is round and does not have creases in the top.
  • There is an approx 1/2″ leather band at the base.  

  • There are asymmetrical plates on each side of the hat in a dark chrome finish.


  • The mask is a blue silicone or latex foam mask.
  • The eyes are lenses, preferably red or orange mirrored.
  • There is a black hood that wraps around the head.
  • The hood has a metallic finish plate on the front upper left of the forehead.
  • There is a seam between the hood and the neck.
  • The hood extends beyond the neck.
  • There are attachments on each side of the cheeks with a dark chrome finish.

Teeth (Optional)

  • Visible teeth are optional


  • The hoses are flexible and have a clear ribbed 3/4 “outside diameter with a smaller 3/16” tube on the inside.
  • Resplabs “blackout” tubes are screen accurate. 
  • The tubes are connected to the mask via elbows
  • Tubes run to the back box.
  • There are attachments on each side of the cheeks.


  • Shirt with a Korean/Mandarin band  style collar, that overlaps from left to right.
  • The shirt is visible under the ammunition belt.
  • The shirt has a black stripe running along the two sides.
  • The shirt has hidden snap closure in the collar on the underside of left flap  on outside edge of  right flap. 
  • The shirt is brown.


  • The pants are made from a coarse weave bull denim twill in a brown / grey colour with a diagonal weave that faces upper right to bottom left.
  • There is a front fly closure visible.
  • The pants are brushed and weathered


  • There are silicone or foam latex fingers that match the screen used hands.
  • The fingers extend approx. one segement longer than human hands.
  • There are vertical valleys sculpted into the fingertips.
  • The gloves are a fingerless short glove in a reddish brown leather (very similar to Din Djarin’s gloves).
  • There is a trapezoid shaped black or dark brown leather back plate that is sewn to the back of the gloves.


  • The gauntlets are a dark blue colour. 
  • They are symmetrical in design left to right.

  • There is a flamethrower nozzle on the underside near the wrist in a metallic finish.

  • There are 6 round cylindrical greeblies at the wrist, 3 on each side of the write flame thrower, they are gold and silver with a metallic finish.
  • There are disc shaped greeblies on the sides of the upper bracer, with two round indents.
  • There are 5 rectangular buttons at the top of the bracer in a silver metallic finish.
  • There is a control pad on the top face of the bracer with red and silver buttons

  • Right bracer.
    • The top end of the hose has a barrel / compression greeblie in brass with a blue band on it.

    • There is a black ribbed hose that extends from the top of the bracer and goes into a hole in the duster jacket near the lower tricep of the sleeve.


  • The vest is medium brown in a (insert fabric type) with greeblies windows on the left and right chest and lower left abdomen area.
  • The jacket is weathered.
  • The greeblies correspond to the screen reference.
  • There is a right chest pocket with a rounded bottom corner.
  • The right chest pocket and front closure have a darker colored border.
  • The vest has a Mandarin-style high collar. 
  • The vest has a zip closure or clip buttons that remain hidden under the central closure.


  • The duster is made with herringbone pattern fabric in a light brown colour.
  • The duster coat hangs mid-calf .
  • The duster does not “close” at the front, it should look open to reveal the chest of the vest.
  • There is a hole in the lower right area of ​​the triceps for the flamethrower tube.
  • The back of the duster has a slit with a strap at the top of the slit.
  • The inner lining of the duster must be dark.

Ammo Belt

  • There is a leather ammo belt tall in the front.
  • It is brown leather.
  • There is an ammo loop strap across the front.

    • There are 13 ammo rounds across the stomach.
  • There is a flat double cap rivet in bronze at the end of the ammo rounds to secure the ammo loop strap.
  • The are 83.5mm tall and 13mm in diameter.

Blaster Belt

  • There is a wide main belt with a trapezoid shaped buckle. It is brown leather.
  • The main buckle suspends two buckles. 
  • The hip straps extend from the buckles to the holster, and attach at the rear of the belt.
  •  The holster attaches to the hip straps through a slit cut into the hip straps.
  •  It is secure with 4 double cap rivets in brass
The holster has a molded shape to the blaster. There is a cut slit to accomodate the scope on the blaster.
  • There is a thigh strap on each leg for the holster.
  • There is a square  buckle and leather keeper to adjust this strap.

Back Box

The back box has a flat panel that mounts to the back, with a main box on top and a smaller box on top of the main box.

  • The hoses from the mask extend and attach to the box.
  • There is a brass coloured elbow with a short black antenna on the right side.

  • The main box has vertical slots at the top and bottom.

  • The small box has detailed greeblies on the face side.

  • There is a large tapered (not perfectly cylindrical) shaped greeblie attached to the bottom of the box.

  • There is a cone shaped filder on the end of the tapered cylinder.
    • It can be mounted on the left or right side (It is seen on both sides on the show).


  • The boots are Harley Davidson Dendon style in black or similar.
  • They are approx 9″ tall and sit below the calf muscle.

  • They are heavily weathered to a brown color.
  • The original boots were black leather.

  • There are sanding marks throughout to distress the boots.

  • The buckle on the boot was removed and replaced with a metal ‘O’ ring approximately 1.25″ in size.

  • The inside zipper of the boots are hidden with a leather flap.

  • There are metal looking toe plates in a silver metallic finish.

Leg Ammo Bandolier

  • There is a bandolier on each leg.
  • It is brown leather.

  • The ammo rounds are the same as the ammo belt.
  • There are approximately 20/24 ammo rounds (depending on the size of the wearer).
  • There is a  wide rear strap, with an ammo loop strap to hold each round in place. 
  • The Bandolier is attached to the boots with rivets.

    • The rear strap starts and stops before and after the inner boot zipper.
  • The ammo are the same type as the ammo belt.


  • The blaster is approx. 14.3″ long and is loosely based on the shape western style revolvers
There is a scope loosely based on a single point scope.
  • The grips are dark woodgrain with a silver cross section and round divot.
  • The barrel is octagonal with a flared flash hider.

  • There are greeblies along the sides that match the screen used blaster.