Category: Hunters
Detachment: Sins of Korriban


After the eradication of the Nightsisters, Asajj found herself wandering the Outer Rim Territories where she fell into the position of Bounty Hunter. After a short stint as part of the Bounty Hunter Syndicate lead by the adolescent Boba Fett, she separated and continued to hunt on her own. During an attempt to collect a Senate bounty on Ahsoka Tano, she allied with the former padawan in an attempt to clear Ahsoka’s name. Her helmet and saber hilts were stolen after a brawl with the renegade Jedi, Barriss Offee, who intended to frame Asajj in addition to Ahsoka for the bombings of the Jedi Temple. Barriss used the saber hilts and helmet to falsely lead Ahsoka into believing Asajj had betrayed her until Anakin was able to capture Barriss and clear their names.

  • CRL Model: TDE-531, Photographer: Christopher McKinney


  • The helmet is a metallic gunmetal grey with weathering along the edges.
  • The cheeks are concave and create an inner edge with the main faceplate.
  • The forehead has four (4) small slits, two (2) on each side, that angle slightly towards the center.
  • There are faded yellow designs on the face and top that are heavily weathered with a light grey undercoat visible.
    • Two (2) ornate mirrored designs are located on the left and right side of the forehead that extend almost to the top of the head, with pointed stalks at the top.
    • The sides, nose bridge, and top of the head are also painted to match reference shapes, with the top of the head matching reference shape.
  • There are two (2) circular ear caps with two (2) smaller concentric circles and an upside down, “V” in the center of the cap.
    • The innermost concentric circle is set inside the cap while the outermost concentric circle angles away from the cap.
  • The ear caps are raised from the sides of the helmet.
  • The snout has a dark teal plate with three slits, two smaller on the side.
    • The plate has a squared bottom edge and a rounded upper edge.
  • The back of the helmet has a plate that extends between the bottom of the ear caps and sits under the top of the helmet.
    • There are three (3) horizontal lines that run parallel, with the upper line sitting flush to the top plate.
  • The visor is dark and hides the wearer’s eyes.


  • The costumer’s hair is shaved or covered with a tight-fitting bald cap. If a bald cap is used, the cap is tinted to match the colour of the costumer’s exposed skin, and the edges are blended to make them as inconspicuous as possible.


  • All exposed skin is very pale, with light grey overtones.
  • The fingernails are painted with lavender or grey polish.
  • Lavender tattoos cover the head. The tattoos have softened edges, and vary in darkness.
    • A line consisting of straight segments and curves runs along each side of the head. The lines begin with a small hook above each temple, pass just above the ear, and then curve into a larger hook at the back of the head.
    • Two small triangles and a diamond pattern are located near each line in the back.
    • A vertical line with two diamond patterns is located at the back center of the head. This line begins at the top of the head, and ends just above the height of the ears.
  • Note: Only the tattoo patterns visible under the helmet around the back of the head and neck are required.


  • Made of grey fabric with a yellow four pointed floral pattern.
  • Two wraps form an over the shoulders and crisscross at the chest.
  • Right section crosses in front of the left section in the front on costumer.
  • Sections of material hang past the belt and end at mid thigh.


  • Made of black material.
  • High neck collar with a small “V” shaped opening in the front.
  • White to light grey decorative design in the front at the collar line.
  • Two spiked designs on the upper chest, points facing towards the neck.


  • Made of dark charcoal grey to matte black stretchy material for a fitted look. 
  • Arms are long sleeved and end at the wrists.


  • Made of rigid material.
  • Is a two plate system, sitting on the left shoulder.
  • One plate rests on the shoulder neck area, and the other plate rests on the shoulder arm area.
  • Turquoise blue, with medium weathering.
  • Weathered areas appear metallic, dirty, or rusty.
  • Large black snake design on the lower plate.
  • Plates have a thickness to them, resembling plate armor.


  • The buckle is a weathered silver, with black markings approximately 2″ x 3″ 3/8.
  • The belt is black leather or leather like material and approximately 1.5 inches wide.
  • The buckle is a weathered silver, with black markings approximately 2″ x 3″ 3/8.


  • Made of turquoise blue leather (or leather like material).
  • Form fitting armor with a tunnel for the belt to pass through it.
  • Two, one for each hip.
  • Slit for extra strap to pass though.
  • Covers the sides of the abdomen and hip areas.


  • Made of black leather (or leather like material)
  • Covers the entire under arm.
  • Three straps hold the guard in place.


  • Made of black leather (or leather like material)
  • Covers 2/3 of the under arm.
  • Black stitching holds the guard in place.


  • Made of weathered white strips of cloth.
  • Forms a cloth wrap around both elbows.


  • One on each thigh made of turquoise coloured blue leather (or leather like material).
  • Form fitting armor covering the outer thigh area.
  • Thinner section goes around the leg.
  • Mounted to the outside of each is one small square black pouch.
  • Black elastic straps may be used to hold them in place.


  • Made of weathered white strips of cloth.
  • Forms a cloth wrap around both knees.


  • Made of rigid material..
  • Turquoise blue, with medium weathering.
  • Weathered areas appear metallic or dirty.
  • Repeating V shaped design.
  • Black straps wrap around the boots, holding them in place.


  • Boots are constructed of black leather (or leather-like material).
  • Boots have a medium gloss shine.
  • Boots have no visible laces or zipper.
  • If a zipper is present, it is located on the inside of the leg.
  • Boots have a rounded toe.


Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below. If adding in an accessory after initial approval, the item still needs to be submitted to an Inquisitor for approval before use.


  • The twin hilts resemble the established curved design for the Clone Wars version of Asajj Ventress. They may be attached together into a double saber design, or they may be worn and carried separately.
  • If the lightsabers have blades, the blades are red in colour.


  • Hilt is worn on the left hip.
  • This hilt is made of lightweight material.


  • Pale blue or turquoise contacts are worn to replicate the pale colour of Ventress’ eyes.

*Contact lenses are not required, and will always be optional. TDE recognizes that while accurately detailed features add to the overall costume, many cannot wear them. Please check with your optometrist if wearing contact lenses are appropriate for you.