Inquisitors of the Empire (Inquisitorius)

Inquisitors work for the Empire and therefore have access to the best of what the Empire has to offer given their position. Their clothing typically is very clean and their armor shiny. Although  a slightly more weathered/battle worn look is also allowed.  

Base Clothing:  

While the type of clothing can range from a black flight suit to something more custom  keep in mind when someone looks at your outfit you can tell immediately that you are  an Inquisitor. All Inquisitors will be primarily black and/or charcoal grey with possibility of red  accents, but not necessarily and with allowances for other colors as trim for various  components. Leather products (boots, pouches, and belt) will require color  cohesiveness with the colors of the rest of the components and costume. 

Soft goods should be tailored and not overly baggy. 

Zippers, buttons, or pockets must be hidden or removed.  


Inquisitors traditionally have at least medium level of armor. Armor should feel inspired  by armor used by the Imperial Inquisitors. Full canon/legends armor sets with custom  paint styles are not accepted.  


NON TOY LIGHTSABER. This may be as little as a hilt (obviously requiring a clip or d- ring  attachment), but must not look like a toy. Galaxy Edge built sabers are approvable. PVC  built can be accepted, but must appear realistic. We also require that custom costumes  have non-canon lightsabers with the exception of the Inquisitor style hilt. Acceptable  

Lightsaber color for the Inquisitors is red.  

Realistic style construction. 

Inquisitor style, single, double bladed, double saber, cross guard are allowed. Rapier or basket style hilt are not allowed. 

Can be a hilt or contain blades. 

• Straight blades as seen on traditional lightsabers. 

• Katana styled hilts may allowed, please consult this with Nes/ari.

  • Earthly styled blades are not allowed unless visual proof in Universe is provided.

• Canon character hilts, other than Inquisitor Style, are not allowed. 

• Blade color allowed for Inquisitors: Red.

Metal, 3d print, and other styles are allowed.  

• Toys such as hasbro extendable or similar will be denied. 


Inquisitors typically are not weathered, but heavy weathering is allowed so long as it is consistent through out the costume.  • Pristine to heavy level of weathering will be allowed.