CUSTOM DARK JEDI – Replaced 5/2024


Any force users that adorn the cross-over tunics and tabards that we see from traditional jedi of the prequels fall in this category.  

Darker colors are recommended. The costume must appear as if the person fell to the dark  side. Customization of colors, fabrics, style of skirts, types of tabards, pants, skirts, and tunics  are approved on a case-by-case basis. Medical exemptions can be made. 


 The costume must appear as if the person fell to the dark side. Dark colours and dark side  makeup styling are a couple options for this effect. Any costume that may be confused to be a  normal light sided Jedi has a small chance of being approved. Colour cohesion is required. 

Outer Tunics

  • Single layer or double layer tunics crossing left over right or right over left are accepted.
  • Sleeves should taper and be wider at wrists/knuckles than elbow. 
  • Sleeves should extend to the first knuckle. 
  • Fabric choice – Fabric should be medium weight in appearance. Textures improve  appearance. 
  • Tunics should have a 1.5-2″ wide collar running from base of the opening, around the  neck, and down the opposite side of the tunic. 
  • Tunic minimum length must be long enough to at least cover buttocks and the crotch  area. Mid thigh is recommended. Tunic can be floor length. 
  • T-Shirts & V-necks are not allowed. If the collar of a T-shirt is showing, this may result in a denial. 
  • A sleeveless style is allowed.
    • If no sleeved inner tunic is worn, all Earthly or lightsided tattoos must be covered with makeup or alternate method.
    • Gloves, bracers, wraps can be used.
    • Can have hood attached. 
    • Hood should be large enough that when it is up, the sides drap down to the  shoulders and the tip of the hood should fall near the small of the back when down.

Inner Tunics

  • May be a full tunic or false tunic where the collar, neck portion, and overlapping front  area are seen. Dickies or tunics with a mandarin collar are allowed. 
  • Can have hood attached.
    • Hood should be large enough that when it is up, the sides drap down to the  shoulders and the tip of the hood should fall near the small of the back when  down. 
  • Can be sleeveless.
    • If sleeveless, and outer tunic is also sleeveless, all earthly or lightsided tattoos must be covered. 
  • Gloves, bracers, wraps can be used.


  • Tabard width should be from the seam of the outer tunic collar to the edge of the  shoulder. 
  • Must hang equal to or lower than tunic in front. In cases where a longer tunic is worn,  tabard length should reach a mininum of mid thigh. 
  • Tabards do not cross over or overlap in front.  
  • Can be double as seen from traditional style, Y style which includes vest back then  splitting to one section on each side in the front.
  • Tabards can end in back at the obi or drop lower than tunic in the back, equal length to  the front. 
  • Tabards may have borders and/or varying decorative symbols or other decorations  (such as Aurebesh,Common Sith,  etc.). The decorations/designs should not obviously be from an  Earth-bound period or culture. 
  • Leather or leather-like material is accepted. 
  • Kataginu are not permitted.


  • Can be different material than tunics. Leather and leather-like is permitted.
  • Borders are permitted. 
  • Does not need a sheath to cover attachment edge but closure method should not be visible. (velcro, snaps, etc)
  • Width should be approximately three times the width of the belt.  
  • Should extend a minimum of 1″ above and below belt. 


  • If the Obi is very detailed, a belt may not be necessary. *Ask inquisitors. 
  • Medieval style (loop/tie) is not approved. 
  • Leather or leather like material only. Nylon, webbing, etc are not permitted. 
  • Does not need to match boot color but it does make the costume appear more cohesive. 
  • 2″ standard width. Can be larger. Smaller can be accepted on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the entire appearance of the costume and appropriate sizing to the wearer. 
  • Can use double belts as seen from traditional jedi. Wide leather inner belt, thinner secondary belt located in the middle of the wide inner belt.
  • Thinner secondary belt cannot be loose or sag. 
  • Can use an imperial officer style belt. 
  • Officer code cylinder greeble on front of the buckle is not allowed. 
  • Buckles with rounded edges, jedi styles, and others seen in the Star Wars universe are allowed. 
  • Attachment point can be hidden under a front buckle or a sheath in back. 
  • Pouch is no longer required, but acceptable to have. 
  • Food capsules are no longer required but are acceptable. 
  • Lightsaber clip is required. 
  • Earth style belt buckles are not permitted. 
  • Closure method should not be visible. 


  • Pockets should not be visible. This includes cargo pockets.
  • Overly baggy hakima style are not allowed. 
  • Skinny, stretchy, or slightly baggy pants are allowed. 
  • Typically tucked into the boots/spats. 


  • Should be a minimum of calf length up to floor length. 
  • If a slit is present, pants/shorts should be worn underneath. 
  • Fabric can differ from rest of costume. 
  • Color can differ from rest of costume. 
  • Should be loose enough to allow freedom of movement.


  • Leather or leather like material. 
  • Biker harness style not approved.  
  • 2″ heel height maximum. 
  • Zippers allowed on inside of boot. Can be allowed in back if hidden. Must rise to mid-calf minimum or end below knee.
  • 1 or 2 buckles allowed. 
  • Logos must be completely hidden or removed. 
  • Anakin style spats are allowed, but must be fastened in a way they do not sag.


  • Realistic style construction. 
  • Single, double bladed, double saber, cross guard are allowed. 
  • Can be a hilt or contain a blade.
    • Straight blades as seen on traditional lightsabers. 
    • Katana or other earthly styled blades are not allowed. *
  • Rapier or basket style hilts are not allowed. 
  • Metal, 3d print, and other styles are allowed.
    • Toys such as hasbro extendable or similar will be denied. 
  • Blade colors allowed for Fallen/Dark Jedi: All.  
  • Hilts of canon characters are not allowed for custom costumes. 

Extra Customizations

Outer Robe/Cloak/Cape

  • Can be mid knee (old republic style) to floor length. 
  • Large Sith robe or cloak (cape) with attached over-sized hood, similar to Prequel movie canon robes/cloaks.
  • A hooded cape with side splits is permitted.
  • The hood should be large enough so that (1) when the hood is up, the sides of the hood drape to extend to or cover the shoulders and (2) when down, the tip of the hood should fall near the small of the back (or lower).
  • The sleeves should be full and flare larger on the hand end. When the hand end of the robe sleeve is closed, the length of the end of the sleeve should be at least half the length of the costumers arm (or longer). The circumference of the robe sleeve opening (at the hand) should be at least as long as the sleeve (from shoulder to the hem).
  • The overall body of the robe or cloak/cape should be full.


  • Can include non Canon character helmets, helmets that have been scavenged  (moderate to heavily weathered and repurposed), goggles, glasses, rebreather, contact  lenses, any species specific adornments. 


  • Dark shade under the eyes, reddening around the eye, veins around the eyes, and lips  appearance adds to the character but is not necessary. 


  • Leather or leather like material. Other material at the discretion of inquisitors. Fingerless can be allowed. 
  • Armored allowed. 
  • Forearm wraps allowed. 
  • Greeblies such as commpads or communication devices are acceptable. 
  • Anakin glove is not allowed unless doing dark side Anakin (ROTS).