A Dark Jedi is someone who has studied the ways of the Force and learned its  benefits. For many reasons, they are turning from the light, becoming disillusioned and negative. Losing their faith in the religion they once believed in. They may feel tormented, and struggling greatly as they feel the pull to the darkness. They may have experienced the thrill and rush of the unlimited power calling to them, and they want MORE! They are realizing the merits of the Dark Side, and seeking the power that only the darkness can provide. This struggle and fall from the light, does come with a price, and this should be reflected in the overall look and appearance of this costume/character choice.

Base Clothing:

  • May vary greatly. 2 piece outfits (shirt & pants), 1 piece also allowed.
  • Base clothing should have minimal fasteners exposed.
  • Snaps/velcro removed or hidden. 
  • Zippers should be removed or hidden.
  • Buttons and buttonholes should be removed or hidden.
  • No T-shirts or real-world logos. 
  • Star Warsy printed shirts will not be allowed.
  • Base shirt should be of Star Warsy design.
  • Sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve are accepted. 
  • If using short or sleeveless, some sort of arm accessory should be utilized. These can include gloves, bracers, bicep wrap, etc.
  • Earthly Tattoos will need to be covered if exposed.
  • Off the rack items will need to be modified to fit Star Wars asthetic.
  • Styles of tops or bottoms with chains and rivets and buckles will not be accepted without modification to remove rivets and buckles.
  • Chains are rarely seen. Rope chain can potentially be used in moderation.
  • Base clothing should appear family friendly.
  • Text can be used. Text must be family friendly and done using a star wars font associated with the sith. Sith Prophecy and Kittat are 2 most used. English version of the text as well as what font is used must be sent along with the application. 
  • Soft goods should be tailored and not overly baggy. 

Lower Options:


  • Pockets should not be visible. Cargo pockets are allowed but fasteners must be hidden.
  •  Baggy hakima style may be permitted. Please check with Nes’ari
  • Skinny, stretchy, or slightly baggy pants are allowed.
  • Jeans are not accepted. 
  • Typically tucked into the boots/spats. 
  • Modern military style are permitted but must be solid color and exposed rear  pockets should be removed or hidden.  
  • No buttons/buttonholes on rear. 


  • Should be a minimum of calf length up to floor length. 
  • If a slit/slits are present, pants/shorts must  be worn underneath. 
  • Fabric can differ from rest of costume. 
  • Color can differ from rest of costume. 
  • Should be loose enough to allow freedom of movement.


Option 1: 


  • Leather or leather like material. 
  • Clone style rubber is allowed.
  • Nylon, webbing, etc not permitted 
  • Electronic boxes (old republic style belts) are allowed.
  • Medieval style (loop/tie) is not approved. 
  • Does not need to match boot color but it does make the costume appear more cohesive. 
  • 2″ standard width. Can be larger. Smaller can be accepted on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the entire appearance of the costume and appropriate sizing to the wearer. 
  • Can use double belts as seen from traditional jedi. Wide leather inner belt with a thinner secondary belt located in the middle of the wide inner belt.
  • Thinner secondary belt cannot be loose or sag. 
  • Can use an imperial officer style belt. 
  • Officer code cylinder greeble on front of the buckle is not allowed. 
  • Buckles with rounded edges, jedi styles, and others seen in the Star Wars universe are allowed. 
  • Attachment point can be hidden under a front buckle or a sheath in back. 

Option 2:


  • Does not need a sheath to cover attachment edge but closure method should not be visible. (velcro, snaps, knotted edge, etc)
  • Can be different material than tunic
  • Leather and leather-like is permitted.


  • Leather or leather like material. 
  • Biker harness style not approved.  
  • 2″ heel height maximum. 
  • Zippers allowed on inside of boot. Can be allowed in back if hidden. Must rise to mid-calf minimum or end below knee.
  • 1 or 2 buckles allowed. 
  • Logos must be completely hidden or removed. 
  • Anakin style spats are allowed, but must be fastened in a way they do not sag.


  • Realistic style construction. 
  • Single, double bladed, double saber, cross guard, light whip are allowed. 
  • Can be a hilt or contain a blade. 
  • Straight blades as seen on traditional lightsabers allowed. 
  • Light whips are allowed.
  • Katana  styled hilts may be allowed, please consult this with Nes/ari.
  • Earthly styled blades are not allowed unless visual proof in Universe is provided.
  • Rapier or basket style hilts are not allowed. 
  • Metal, 3d print, and other styles are allowed.  
  • Toys such as hasbro extendable or similar will be denied. 
  • Any color of lightsaber blades are allowed for Dark Jedi
  • Hilts of canon characters are not allowed for custom costumes,  but inspired by are allowed. 

Extra Customizations 


Armor should be used in moderation to allow mobility to move freely. A heavily armored Sith or Dark Jedi would not allow the freedom of movement to perform the actions necessary. Clone wars Jedi, Darth Vader, Sith Acolytes, and Darth Malgus are examples of maximum amount of armor.

  • Organic armor (Vonduun Crab armor of Darth Krayt, Orbalisk armor of Darth Bane EU) would move with the wearer and allow for more coverage.
  • Tech style armor is allowed. This includes Boxes with Wires, hoses, lights, etc
  • Limit of 2 Canon armor pieces allowed.
  • Armor must be modified.
  • Armor must not be recognizable from a “face” character (Darth Vader’s helmet for example.)
  • Shoulder bells/Knees count as 1 piece.
  • Mandalorian armor is not allowed.
  • Stormtrooper and other trooper helmets should be avoided unless heavily modified.


  • Can be mid knee (old republic style) to floor length. 
  • Large Sith robe or cloak (cape) with attached over-sized hood, similar to Prequel movie canon robes/cloaks.
  • A hooded cape with side splits is permitted.
  • The hood should be large enough so that (1) when the hood is up, the sides of the hood drape to extend to or cover the shoulders and (2) when down, the tip of the hood should fall near the small of the back (or lower).
  • The sleeves should be full and flare larger on the hand end. When the hand end of the robe sleeve is closed, the length of the end of the sleeve should be at least half the length of the costumers arm (or longer). The circumference of the robe sleeve opening (at the hand) should be at least as long as the sleeve (from shoulder to the hem).
  • The overall body of the robe or cloak/cape should be full.


  • Can include non Canon character helmets, helmets that have been scavenged  (moderate to heavily weathered and repurposed), goggles, glasses, rebreather, contact lenses, any species specific adornments. 
  • If a helmet is used, the neck should be covered with a balaclava or neck seal to expose no skin. (this prevents an air tight seal for appearance sake. See Kylo Ren, Darth Malak, Darth Malgus, Darth Vader, Darth Revan, Lord Momin, Stormtroopers, Mandalorians, etc for examples)
  • Ninja style masks are not allowed. Consider a rebreather, ventilator, or similar as an alternative. 
  • If a ventilator style mask is used, the neck should be covered with a neck seal to expose no skin. (see Darth Malak, Darth Malgus, Darth Vader, Darth Revan, Lord Momin, for examples)


  • Neck seals can be approved.
  • Neck cowl can be approved.
  • Bandanas, tactical scarves, and similar should be avoided as they aren’t Sith like in appearance. Consult with an Inquisitor with photo references for possible approval.


  • Dark shade under the eyes, reddening around the eye, veins around the eyes, and lips  appearance adds to the character but is not necessary. 


  • Leather or leather like material. Other material at the discretion of inquisitors.
  • Fingerless can be allowed. 
  • Armored allowed. 
  • Forearm wraps allowed. 
  • Greeblies such as comm-pads or communication devices are acceptable. 
  • **Anakin glove is not allowed unless doing dark side Anakin (ROTS).


  • A blaster is allowed.
  • Weapon  
    • Secondary weapon can be a blaster pistol, scope is optional.  
    • Must resemble Canon/Legends style of blasters. 
    • Nerf guns must be highly modified and no longer resemble the base weapon.  ◦ Base weapon must be modified to fit with “SWarsy” aesthetic. 
  • Holster 
    • May be waist or thigh mounted from belt or solid design attached to leg. May enclose primary weapon (Traditional) or hold weapon magnetically (TOR)