BAYLAN SKOLL: Ahsoka (Season 1)

Category: Unaligned Force User/Dark Jedi
Detachment: Order of Dromund Kaas


Once a powerful Jedi Knight, Baylan Skoll became disillusioned with both the Jedi Order and the Empire. In his continued pursuit of greater power, the Mercenary Lord allied with the Dathomirian Witch Morgan Elsbeth to find and return Grand Admiral Thrawn. After leaving his apprentice Shin Hati to find her own path, he set forth in search of an ancient power that called to him on the mythical planet of Peridea.

  • CRL Model: TDE-777, Photographer: Jonathan Goldsmith

The costume in general is heavily weathered (green/patina finish)  and distressed, with marks and water damage on the vest, kamas, sleeves etc. Boots are well worn but not scuffed. All elements are well weathered and distressed to create the effect of well worn and battle damaged, while still remaining intact and robust.

*Given the dark nature during filming, this CRL will be show lighter and brighter for optimal details*


  • Black to very dark charcoal grey
  • Mandarin style stretch material collar with fastening at the rear
  • Metal fasteners, maybe press studs as closers
  • Arms are a heavy material  similar to cotton canvas, with stitch detail approximately 1″  apart along the length of the sleeve, and in places presenting a square pattern in similar size
  • Sleeves end inside the gauntlets but are not visible to


  • Plain black trousers tucked into boots/gaiter with a slight looseness but no bagging


  • The vest is made from mostly suede or suede like  material in shades of blacks. 
  • •It has a chevron design front and back which is made up of differing shades of black with weathering and water damage
  • 3 chevrons are completely visible, while a 4th and 5th  continue under the Obi
  • The vest finishes just below the groin
  • There are two shoulder panels front and back, either side radiating from the neck to the shoulder
  • The angle of the neck piece creates a diamond shape on front and back
  • The vest is closed behind with an invisible zip
  • There are 7  pairs of metal like hook and eye features, gunmetal to weathered black  in colour, fixed over a leather patch which is 5 sided
  • The edges of all seams have a twisted cord effect
  • There are some tiny irregular moldavite gemstones inserted and hand sewn in some seams
  • Patina weathering

Optional Upgrades for deeper immersion:

  • There are a number of other material panels inserted into the first chevron, front and back as well as one if the center shoulder panels, possibly canvas or similar material. ALL varying shades of blacks
  • 3 additional moldavite gemstones on the back in a shadowed position on the rear left.


  • Matte  Black (leather) boots, flat brown sole with a slight heel
  • Toes are rounded
  • The boots are overlaid with a matte black (leather)  gaiter which has scallop beside each instep which has a strap under
  • Gaiters close on the outside rear of each with 3 sets of 2 D shape rings, with a strap which runs around the outside of the gaiter finishing with a hidden fastening
  • Each strap creates an inverted chevron at the front to create 3 chevrons which are inverted, point bit down
  • The gaiters finish at mid shin


  • The Obi sits wider than the two belts combined, fastening in the back with no visible mechanism
  • It is made from a stiff material that does not compress and remains stable throughout movement, (leather or other sturdy fabric)
  • Two dark brown belts in leather or leather like material sit on top of the Obi without being fixed, and independent of each other, approx 1.5- 2″ wide each relevant to body size 
  • The top belt is two layers of material with the outer layer slightly smaller and showing a equal space along it length
  • The lower belt is two layers but both equal width, so that each belt is the same thickness
  • The lower belt has a small detail line on upper and lower sides
  • There is a single belt strap that hangs down the left side appx 3-4” above the wearer’s knee cap. It is cut at an upwards  angle to the outside of body. 
  • There is a scabbard-like hanger hanging down on the left side of the lower belt, with a folded closure which extends behind the belt
  • There are no visible fixings
  • There is a hanging loop with an open hook for a light saber on the right side, which extends under the belts and is fixed to the Obi
  • There is a belt buckle in the same material and colour as the armour, fixed to the top belt, with a  recessed boxed lip on the right hand side, and tapering on the left fron top and bottom to a narrow section
  • There is a green coloured (moldivite) stone embedded within the buckle, which is crisscrossed with gold coloured wire in a method which suggests this is how it is fixed to the buckle
  • Both dark brown belts are secured in the back and have individual keepers covering each connection

Optional Upgrades for deeper immersion:

  • There are two ‘belt loop’ like retainers on the right side of each belt, stacked on top of each other, the top loop being slightly narrower, both mimicking the relevant pattern of each belt.


  • The rear Kama is made from a wool or woolen type material, stretching from hip bone to hip bone around the back
  • It is secured under the Obi  without any visible fixings
  • It stretches down to knee length, and in line with the front Kama
  • It is distressed along the bottom edge, with ragged edges visible


  • Front Kamas are made from suede or a suede like material, each side starting at the front approx 1″ from the centre line and stretching past the edge of the rear Kama, by approximately 1-2″ each side
  • They extend to knee length
  • The ends are distressed in a similar way to the rear Kama, with ragged edges and threads visible


  • Two front tabbards, approx half the width of the front Kamas extend from just inside the centre edge of each front Kama
  • They stop short approximately 3/4″ to 1″ above the bottom of the front kamas
  • They are made from a heavy cotton canvas like material
  • They have similar twisted detailing to the detailing on the vest, around the edges
  • It is secured under the Obi without any visible fixings


  • The cape is made from black wool or wool like material
  • It is made in 5 panels, with a hood
  • The hood is large enough to obscure the wearer if pulled fully forward
  • The hood is lined with a separate material, silk or satin (smooth fabric with a sheen)
  • The hood is edged with a strip of leather or leather like material approximately 1.25”- 1.5”  wide on the inside and outside edge (relevant to size of  wearer) 
  • The cape extends to within 3″ to 4″ from the floor, with distressing consistent with the distressing on the kamas, with ragged edges and threads hanging down
  • The cape is secured in front of the throat with a metallic hook and eye fixing
  • The side edges are seamed, with twist detailing along the edge, and knots along edge at irregular intervals

Optional Upgrades for deeper immersion:

  • Cloak has a number of tiny, varying irregular sized (5-6 left, 2-3 right) moldavite stones  embedded and whip stitched into the cord detail on either outer edge


  • There are dual  shoulder armour bells, with a fairly defined raised centre ridge on each side, consisting of two separate pieces, one smaller which fits inside the bottom edge of the top shoulder bell
  • The bell has a square detail at the front and back which extends from the edge detail and out beyond the edge of the armour
  • The lower edge is pointed in the centre
  • The lower piece has an extra ridge along the lower edge above the lower edge lip
  • The armour pieces have holes and spikes at either side
  • The armour  has the appearance of hammered metal detailing embedded in the surface, with irregular features giving the appearance of rough forging
  • The armour is coloured a matte to  gunmetal  with various hues of dark colouring with a matte finish. 
  • There is a single leather strap approximately 3/4” wide attached to the underside of the shoulder  bells that wrap around the mid bicep to hold the bells in place. 
  • Weathering slight patina and silver dry  brush


  • The gauntlets extend from the wrist to 3/4 length of the forearms
  • It is similar appearance to the shoulder armour colouring and texture with slight patina weathering 
  • Each gauntlet has a small square screen area, approximately 1″ square on each upper side, approximately 3/8″ from the front edge
  • There is a frame like edge feature around the screen, approximately 1mm wide
  • There are 6 buttons on each side in a separate area behind the screen, with two longer oblong switches either side, and 4 square buttons in between
  • One of the outer buttons and a square button are lit
  • The remainder are coloured in dark hues of greys and blacks. 
  • The gauntlet rear is textured similar to the shoulder armour, without any other features
  • The upper part of the gauntlet  has three raised ridge lines equally spaced in the higher 3rd end upper gauntlet, with a wider finishing edge at the same height to the end of the gauntlet
  • There are no visible fixings 
  • The lower edges line up with the raised upper ridge lines to create a slight lip on the lower edge
  • The top edge is tapered out from the top to create a slight extended edge
  • The gauntlet flairs from the wrist area to the top to fit the wearer
  • Buttons are different colors on each side.
    • Right gauntlet: the oblong buttons are white/translucent on the left and green and the left, the four small buttons are top (wrist end) yellow left and gray on the right. The bottom buttons (arm end) are green on the left and gray on the right.
    • Left gauntlet: the oblong buttons are green on the left and white/translucent and the left, the four small buttons are top (wrist end) green left and dark gray/black on the right. The bottom buttons (arm end) are yellow.
  • The right side has TRGT, DAT in Aurebesh
  • The  left side is a list of targets in Aurebesh (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2D2, C3P0, and Ben)

Optional Upgrades for deeper immersion:

  • Back lighting on both gauntlets


  • The black gloves are plain black leather or leatherlike 
  • There is a slight grain to material
  • No decorative stitching is present
  • Hand plates are fixed to the gloves without any visible fixings
  • There are two raised ridge lines visible from front to back
  • The back of the plate facing the wrist is narrower than the front, and shaped to fit the back of the hand
  • There is a raised lip at the rear
  • There is a raised ridge feature along the top front of the /plate
  • There are (2 or 3) raised stud features along the front raised edge
  • It is consistent with the color and texture of the rest of the armor , having a rough forged texture and a dull  gunmetal  matte finish
  • Weathering in a slight patina look


  • The ring is worn on the first finger of the right hand and has a large metallic ring , with two green (moldavite)  stones fixed in place  as seen, one larger on the top center of the ring, the other one on the left side outer side of the ring
  • The texture of the ring is rough cast or forged, with indents and irregular waves
  • The ring is colored dull antique or aged brass/gold 


  • Mixture of grey and white salt and peppered.
  • Top and front of hair is Styled off the face, with sides slightly shorter and directed towards the face. 
  • Hair lays sporadically slightly over top of the ears 


  • Natural or quality costume hair. 
  • Mustache darker grey in color with  some white mixed in. Blending into beard area 
  • Beard is neat and even in overall length. Predominantly white. 
  • Eyebrows are darker in coloring. Dark Grey to black.  
  • Slight darkening under eyes giving impression of being tired or worn down. 


  • 3D printed or machined hilt
  • For “working” lightsaber the blade color must be Blood Orange


Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below. If adding in an accessory after initial approval, the item still needs to be submitted to an Inquisitor for approval before use.


  • Light to medium blue

*Contact lenses are not required, and will always be optional. TDE recognizes that while accurately detailed features add to the overall costume, many cannot wear them. Please check with your optometrist if wearing contact lenses are appropriate for you.