Makeup Guidelines

Costume Reference Library for Makeup Guidelines

For the purpose of this guide we will call the makeup a female wears “cosmetics”, and the makeup required to have a skin color racially appropriate “makeup”. This is to say a Female Twilek will have “makeup” that will match her lekku to her face and body, but will also have “cosmetics” of her choosing for eyes, lips, and cheeks like women do in the real world. These 2 terms will be needed to be defined separately.

A: If you are costuming as a certain race from Star Wars your makeup/mask/prosthetic need to remain consistent with that race, though minor deviations for “cosmetics” are certainly allowable. Any such “makeup” will need to be included in a Dark Trial.

1: Individual race by race guides for this will be added to our page as the demand for such arises.

2: If you submit your Mirialan/Zabrak/etc with XYZ facial marking for the make-up, those can not change without Inquisitor approval, though the “cosmetics” can. That is to say a Zabrak pattern or overall color/pattern of a Twilek will not change, but the areas around the eyes, lips, cheeks may be altered on the “cosmetic” end.

3: Human versions of your alien costumes are encouraged to be submitted where possible as it will give you options for when you want to do more or less work for any particular event.

B: If you choose to have full face “Make-up” to look “more Sith”, that make up needs to be submitted and approved by the Inquisitors.

1: This is to say that if you do not have a submitted and approved image of the makeup you want to use with us, we will ask you not to wear that makeup to a TDE event.

2: Any make-up that is total or near total face covering, or is not classified as “cosmetics” is to fall into this category.

3: We ENCOURAGE submissions of different makeup designs as well as a MINIMAL one for those who think Makeup first as it will give you options for when you want to do more or less work for any particular event

ANY and ALL of the above also fall into the overall quality and appearance standards in both judging for approval and for appearance at an event. Whatever you choose, you will have to meet the quality standards of both the judges for approval and your event organizers for participation at events.

IF you feel your makeup has met these requirements, Check out our Application Tutorial…
Application Tutorial