Costume Reference Library (CRL)

Costume Reference Library

The Dark Empire encourages costuming creativity by allowing membership of custom Sith characters, in addition to characters from the Star Wars movies and expanded universe (books, comics, etc). The Dark Empire therefore includes characters of Star Wars canon and non-canon within its Official Membership base. All Official Members pursuant to Article II of the The Dark Empire Charter, however, must represent the Star Wars universe with as much attention to detail as possible to their costumes.

In ALL of our costuming guides we are looking to create high quality, photo shoot ready, custom costumes that look like they stepped out of the Star Wars universe. With that in mind we are allowing for creativity in your costumes, but remember that is balanced with risks. If you go too far along in a costume without input or guidance from club members, preferably costume judges, you may find yourself wasting money on a costume that will not be allowed to pass. That said we encourage you to start a WIP (work in progress) thread on the forums, or by some other means from an in person relation with a member of the club to e-mail, texts, and social media. None of those are required, but they may save you time, effort, funds, and who knows, you may find you come up with an even more excellent costume as you make new friends within the club.

If a CRL does not exist for an existing canon character that is a Sith, Dark Jedi, or Grey Jedi, that costume may still be accepted for Official Membership nonetheless. A canon reference photograph comparison of the of the character being represented shall be required at the time of submission in the Dark Trials, for comparison with the costume being submitted.

The Costume Reference Library is continually being updated, and there are likely to be characters in the STAR WARS universe that qualify for full membership in TDE that are not yet represented in the CRL’s. Should there be any confusion if a canon character is a Sith, fallen Jedi, general darkside user or Sith-affiliated bounty hunter, pirate, or smuggler, send a private message or email to the Nes’ari membership4tde[at] (remove the [at] and replace it with @) and inquire accordingly.

Traditional Style Costumes

There are 2 costume sets that fall under the Traditional Style. They are the Sith apprentice style, and the Dark Jedi. These costumes follow a more strict path just as a uniform of the Sith Academy or the Jedi Order would expect.

Traditional Sith/Dark Jedi

Custom Sith/ Dark Jedi Costumes

Once you step just outside the Traditional Style costume you fall under our Custom Style. Anything from a small deviation (i.e. no pouches) to looking nothing like the Traditional Style is available under this section.

Custom Sith/Jedi CRL

Canon Darkside costumes

Are you Darth Vader, Darth Maul or the Emperor himself? ***NEW CRL’s COMING SOON!***

Legends Darkside costumes

Are you Asajj Ventress, Mara Jade or Starkiller? ***NEW CRL’s COMING SOON!***

Smuggler/Pirate Type Costumes

Are you not Force Sensitive? We have options for you as well. You can help us move items of importance past our enemies and be well compensated. Here is where you learn about this style of costume.

Custom Smuggler/Pirate CRL

Bounty Hunter Costumes

While the Mandalorians may be the most well known bounty hunters in the galaxy, we prefer to use other, less obvious bounty hunters in our quests. If you are an interested party please click below.

Custom Bounty Hunter CRL

Armor Guidelines

These are the overall armor guidelines for anyone looking to use armor on any of the costumes accepted by the Dark Empire. Any exceptions to these guidelines will be found in the specific costumes CRL (if applicable).

Makeup Guidelines

If you are wanting to use makeup for your costume. We ENCOURAGE submissions of different makeup designs as well as a MINIMAL one for those who think Makeup first as it will give you options for when you want to do more or less work for any particular event


​These are our general guidelines on weapons.