Ideas and Don’t Do 

Here’s a few ideas to get you off on the right foot— 

1. Think 1970’s future tech.

2. WWI/WWII military surplus for accessories and soft parts work great! 

3. Un-modded Modern MilSpec accessories or soft goods are not accepted. 

4. Accentuate the “feel” through the use of weathering.

5. In universe/canon Star Wars accessories (ie datapads, greeblies, armor parts etc) to  accentuate the “in universe” feel. 

6. Vacuum formed plastic, abs, fiberglass, pvc board, metal are all approvable materials for  armor. Foam may be used but must be done in a way that it appears as a rigid material. It  should not appear as foam. (Fair warning: Foam stands up poorly to the vigors of trooping.) 

7. Leather, canvas, wool, linen, twill, silks, crepes, velvet, some satins and cottons are favored. Nylons, polyesters and other “modern”  fabrics and blends are acceptable unless otherwise stated. The goal is medium to heavy  appearance in fabrics. Textures achieve this goal well. 

8. Weapons must be non-firing. Nerf and other similar toy weapons MUST have labels/logos  removed and repainted. Manufacturer screw holes MUST be filled and smoothed. They must  also be modified so they no longer appear “straight out of the box”. Meaning parts swapping,  kit bashing, and the use of greeblies is required. Think “70’s future tech.”  

9. Weathering must be consistent across entire costume. 

10. Footwear: Tabi style footwear may be accepted on a case by case basis, please create a WIP thread on the forums for feedback before proceeding. Labels and brand names should be removed or  covered. Shoe-laces must be covered with armor or some sort of boot/ankle spat. Exposed  zipper closures on boots are acceptable as long as they are located on the inside or back of the boot. Match the color of the boot to the belt is preferred. 

11. Pant legs are typically tucked inside of the boot. 

In Star Wars, many parts you see of costumes fit within a certain criteria. We consider these  the rule. On occasion, you may see pieces that go outside of that box. At the Dark Empire, we  strive to remain within those parameters for the most part. For consistency. When items go outside of the  box, those are an exception made for those specific costumes. The following are a compiled  list of things we never or very rarely see outside of the box, therefore not allowed unless  present on a canon character you are portraying that is accepted by The Dark Empire:

No hats or caps with a long, protruding, stiff bill in the front. (Example: a baseball cap or  modern military cap.) 

Tech devices such as cell phones, tablet devices, portable cassette players, portable CD players,  mp3 players, are not allowed unless they are “disneybounded” with an external case or  greeblies that make the item unmistakable for a Star Wars prop. 

No unaltered military/hunting camouflage clothing. (Dyed camouflage fabric that no longer  resembles Earthly military clothing may be acceptable: prior approval should be obtained.) 

No unaltered modern MIL-spec items. 

No visible product names or logos. 

No visible text in a non-Star Wars alphabet or script. The script should still remain PG in terms  of content and language. 

No visible religious, political, or sport team symbols, text or references that are outside of the  Star Wars Universe. 

No sexually explicit items or symbols or attire.

No visible items from a non-Star Wars sci-fi or fantasy genre without prior approval. No cardboard or other non-durable materials, with the exception of makeup. 

No actual firearms, knives, swords or other items that could inflict physical harm may be carried in our out of costume while representing The Dark Empire.  

Denim fabric, such as blue jeans or jean jacket material, is not typically seen. 

No back pockets. As weird as this sounds, these are not seen in Star Wars. They should be  removed or hidden unless found on a Canon costume.

Laces on boots or other items of clothing/armor are rarely seen. They will not be allowed unless completely hidden. 

No visible buckles as seen on earth style belts. 

Zippers must be minimized, hidden, or removed. 

Nylon or canvas belts for Sins of Korriban section only and must meet guidelines. Sith, Dark Jedi, or other Force Users belts should be leather or leather-like.

Typically no thin dress style belts. Belts seen in Star Wars are typically wide. 

If you choose to do an alien species within the universe (i.e. Chiss, Mon Cal, Twilek, Zabrak, Nautolan, Kel Dor, Kadas’sa’Nikto) There can be NO mistaking what species you are doing.

No Anakin style glove(s) unless you are doing Dark Side Anakin (ROTS). 

Mandalorian Armor. Out of respect to the Mando Mercs, we do not take Mandalorian armor. 

Visible attachment points. Hide them as best as possible. There can be exceptions made on a  case by case basis when it absolutely can not be avoided.  

No neon colors for Sith or Dark Jedi. Very minimal possibility for a  Smuggler. 

No Jedi, Rebel/Resistance, light side symbolism. We are the Dark Empire. There should be no  confusion who we represent. 

Minimal Star Wars logos are apparent. These were rarely used on uniforms unless in military  service. 

Custom costumes are custom. A few added parts to a canon costume does not constitute  custom characters. Even Jodo Kast changed most of the outfit when trying to portray Boba Fett. 

Buttons and button holes. These are not in universe except on specific canon characters.  Attachment points are rarely seen. We try  to hide or remove them the best we can. Velcro is our friend. 

Snaps. These are seen on occasion. We prefer not to have them showing. If they do show, the  color must color match the clothing part they are attached to. 

T-Shirts. Standard t-shirts are not in universe and should not be seen at all.  

Visions costumes are not accepted unless the character is directly from the series and is a  Darksider. Certain elements may be used such as tunics that fold over. Hakima style pants (as long as they close on the sides) may be  used, as long as they are not overly baggy. 

Samurai or katana style lightsaber blades are not allowed. Tsukamaki (katana handle wrapping on the hilts) may be allowed if not covering the pommel, switch, or emitter sections. 


Includes costumes representing Canon, Legends and Custom Sith and Dark Side force using characters and their allies.


Includes costumes representing Canon, Legends and Custom Hunters, Pirates, Smugglers and Underworld Scum.