Bounty Hunter Costumes

Costume Reference Library for Bounty Hunters

Custom Bounty Hunter is a more free-form costume area of the club, but there will be guidelines to assure creative quality costumes are what represents The Dark Empire. Most Bounty Hunters wear a good amount of various armor types. Those are covered in the Universal Armor Guidelines, but some will wear lighter or concealed armors. We do not accept Mandalorian Bounty hunters as direct TDE members with their Beskar, and we avoid the use of components of Mandalorian armor.

Attire Guidelines

Examples of this type of costume range from Dengar, to Cad Bane to Bossk, and even droids such as IG-88 and 4-LOM. There are also appearances within video games including, but not limited to Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars the Old Republic. We strongly recommend that you look through images of canon Bounty Hunter characters as well as the non-Mandalorian armor types found in Star Wars Galaxies (R.I.S., Composite Armor, “Bounty Hunter”, Ubese, etc) and Star Wars The Old Republic (nothing with the Mandalorian chest format and t-visor), and other Star Wars publications. Short of sticking CLOSE to an already seen acceptible bounty hunter image we cannot recommend loudly enough that a Work In Progress thread be used if you do one of these costumes. We do not want you wasting time and money on a costume idea that will not pass. We will accept both store bought and hand made elements of clothing, though all branding must be hidden or removed. Any armor styles from other film, TV, or other genres will need to be modified in such a way as to have them fith the Star Wars universe in the view of our costume judges.

Most will need to be wearing boots. Most of these boots will require not having a laces. Can you use laces? POSSIBLY, but most of them we will say no to, so in the interest of your time and effort if you see laced boots you think will work, get a picture to the costume judges and we will let you know. Note: it may also be a yes/no based on the rest of the costume and it’s cohesiveness and overall quality.

Blasters and other gear will need to pass the overall weapons and props guidelines.

Droid Bounty Hunters will have to follow, within reason the build of the droid chassis they are using. For example 4-LOM types MAY have an altered limb, but an IG-88 style build will be impossible on a human form. This may be outlined in a droid guide as yet to be published by The Dark Empire.

Avoid the use of components of Mandalorian Armor. For more information on what we do take for armor, please refer to the Armor Guidelines.

All costume elements but are subject to review of the quality and fit of the overall costume as well as on a component by component basis.

IF you feel your costume has met these requirements, Check out our Application Tutorial…
Application Tutorial